Energy Audit

We do offer energy audit services for all kinds of fan and equipment having fan, In this we do collect all data and analyse it and do find and sugest possibility of updation by the use lastet techanologies available in the field of fan industries.


Fan Installation

At Maya Fan in most of the cases we do provide installation supervision as a default service along with any of MayaFan Supply, Also we undertake fan installation service with our dedicate installation team with professional skill and instrument


Customized Fan Development

We are having the full facility to start fan development from scratch, we are having our inhouse designing capability, we have strong fabrication and machine facility to support the development of a new product, as well as we have inhouse product validation fully digitalize wind tunnel by all this tool we can provide a solution for any customized fan development.


Fan Performance Measurement

With the period of time performance of fan chang for many external and internal reason like in cooling tower performance change by clogging of fills,  fan conduction, environment changes, etc. similarly in mine fan performance change by increasing mine resistance over a period of time, therefore we do provide a comprehensive service to access actual present performance of the fan


Fan Balancing

Balancing is a most basic requirement of hassle-free operation of any rotating equipment thus same is valid on the fan, many time fans are installed in very adverse conduction and suffer wear and erosion in such case it is must maintain fan balancing to protect equipment form major problem, we are having the capability to handle rotor large in diameter, heavy in weight as well as long/wide, we can handle all kind of rotor, and also offer on-site balancing services.


Fan Evaluation

We are having fully digitalized wind tunnel to evaluate fan performance, we do provide validation and evaluation service to find actual output and efficiency of subject fans

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