Energy-efficient wind tunnel fans

The MAYA energy-efficient wind tunnel fan has set the standard for high efficiency and low maintenance since its introduction. Our indigenous fan engineering know-how is utilized so that our fan you select today provides the broadest range of configurations and the highest capacities available in a wind tunnel fan.

For decades, MayaFan has been a leading producer of fans for the fulfillment of the varying requirement of this industry. Maya wind tunnel fan takes advantage of this experience by bringing it down to energy consumption. And also provide a special low noise fan series which bring down noise as low as 5 to 10 dba less compare to conventional wind tunnel fans.

For performance that exceeds specifications on a tight budget, the Maya Fiberglass wind tunnel fan incorporates field-proven, industrial-quality fans. You get the unsurpassed integrity, performance, and reliability you’d expect… at a price that may surprise you.


Up to 25% power saving





Unlike other fan application development of wind, tunnel fan is much more difficult as it is not standard equipment and have a specific requirement in each project.


It is must to have accurate data to plan an optimum solution for the purpose.


We analyze customer input and conclude for a specific design point as well as keep range of operation in mind while developing new fan


It is must validate each of design outcome to decide for the best solution, and we have full modelling and testing facility inhouse.


Once the final fan design concluded, it is handed over to the production team for preparation of tooling. to finally launch this product.

Wind tunnel Fans Key Feature

High Efficient FRP fan impeller.

Low Operating Costs.

Long Life fan Construction.

Good Performance in all weather conduction.

Zero Downtime with minimum care.

Why choose Maya Wind Tunnel fan?

Low Operating Costs

  • Maya High efficient airfoil blade design
  • optimization of twist cord and cross-section provide maximum efficiency.
  • The involvement of the most advanced composite material reduces turbulence and produces smooth linear airflow.
  • Optimum design for the duty point No oversizing of the fan.

Long Life Construction

  • Most of the part made of Heavy-duty composite and hot-dip galvanized material which meets the corrosion resistance and equipment life requirements of your most demanding heavy industrial applications while still delivering an outstanding value.
  • Lightweight impeller, therefore, increases in the life of all the mechanical components.
  • Wind tunnel Fans are also available with Series 300 stainless steel as an optional upgrade which comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Maya Wind tunnel Fans are manufactured in ISO-2015 certified facilities, attesting to our commitment to comprehensive quality processes and systems.

Performance for All Seasons

The fan is a constant flow machine and to maintain its performance despite critical variation in weather Maya wind tunnel fans are designed for a broad range of operations our fans are having a good amount of reserve margin for both airflow and static pressure fan performance throughout the year in all type of seasons.


Quiet by Design

  • The composite blade has a glossy surface finish that offers smooth airflow.
  • low tip speed design (Nose are directly proportioned to tip speed).
  • No outsourcing full quality control thus achieves minimum tip clearance.
  • Special design available for extra low noise fan which can reduce noise up to 10 dba compares to conventional fans.

Low Maintenance/Less Downtime

  • Maya FRP wind tunnel fans are made of high-quality material and robust design.
  • Maya design fans for low operating tip speed which increases overall system life and also reduces the chance of failure.
  • Unlike the painted fan, we do provide a permanent coating of a gel coat that remains an integral part of the fan blade body and does not get separated due to erosion.


Maya FRP Wind Tunnel fan construction

Here is the list of Maya wind tunnel fan component with a there brief detailing


Fan Blade

Maya wind tunnel fan blade is made of latest airfoil similar to that of aeroplane wing we do choose most advanced airfoil possible for the fan to provide maximum efficiency by this we achieved superior performance, our blade is very robust in construction and designed for 7-10 times of operating load we also provide superior wear resistance material to maintain surface stability for a long period of time which prevent efficiency deterioration.

This FRP wind tunnel fan blade is having some of the very charismatic property it is very much possible to produce any complicated shape with ease thus provide economical solution some of its special features are and listed below –

  • High strength at low weight.
  • Good impact, fatigue, and Tensile Strength (Ultimate)
  • Excellent environmental resistance.
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Superior surface finish.
  • Better life of the entire wind tunnel fan system due to low assembly weight.
  • Low moment of inertia help for the selection of optimum motor and reduce over design due to higher starting torque thus motor operate under a better range of efficiency.

Fan Hub / Boss

Hub used in wind tunnel fans are of heavy in construction in this we are using heavy thickness mild steel plate, cast iron or Aluminum clamp and stainless steel hardware to provide long life we are coating all mild steel part with heavy thickness of zinc.
Note – Optionally we also provide customize hub/Boss on special demand of the customer, like caste hub boss, Spider Type Fabricated hub, etc.

Key Feature

  • Heavy-duty MS fabricated.
  • Hub is dynamically balanced as per ISO 1940 grade 6.3 or 2.5 if required.
  • The individual part of the hub is moment balanced.
  • All the MS part are hot-dip galvanized
    Option for different grades of ss plate is also available.
  • Nut bolt used are of coated HT or stainless steel series.
  • For sea weather application Solvent Free, Self-levelling Coatings are available.

Taper Locking

in most of our wind tunnel fan, we preferred to have a taper locking arrangement which is proven in the field these taper lockings are mostly made of Cast iron or stainless steel.



is made of E-glass anti-static fiber, having UV protection, it is available in the segment for ease of transportation.

  • This is used to maintain laminar airflow at the center of the fan and avoid eddies generation.
  • It is having a high surface finish for smooth airflow.
  • It is having anti-static properties.
  • It seals the fan circuit and avoids air recirculation.
  • It gave freedom to reduce the mechanical hub dimension.



Frequently Asked Question

Why to prefer FRP for wind tunnel fans ?

In FRP we get the freedom to select the best airfoil, due to this higher efficiency can be achieved in the wind tunnel fans.

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